Holey's Patented Scanner

The Holey 3D Scanner has been specifically designed to be used in the field of orthopedics. From the early design stages, the development team worked focusing only on the operational needs of physicians and health care professionals. The scanner can automatically capture a three-dimensional 360 ° image in less than 30 seconds. Just place the injured limb directly underneath the optics and start the scanning process using our dedicated Holey software which will also allow you to inspect the acquired three-dimensional model. In just few minutes it is ready to scan and the calibration process is completely automatic.


Software for automatic creation

Holey Brace Creator was developed primarily for the needs of medical personnel. It is able to acquire the patient's geometry through the 3D scanning module and, starting from this, automatically generate the 3D model of the customized orthopedic brace, perfect for the patient. Moreover, thanks to its intuitive interface, it offers many features in total simplicity and completeness. You can select the area of the limb to be immobilized, change the thickness of the orthopedic brace, and remove or add micro-holes. Through the Holey software, the medical staff will have all the necessary means to guarantee the best possible recovery for every patient, whatever his needs may be.


Printing new solutions

The printing machine provided with the Holey Brace Platform is a fast and reliable 3D printer, able to manufacture custom orthopedic braces using a hypoallergenic plastic material, resistant to water and impact. Thanks to the simple but essential interface, you can launch your prints in an easy and immediate way. It fits in small spaces but allows you to fabricate orthopedic braces for any limb: wrist braces, hand braces, and forearm braces, with a maximum dimension of 32cm in height and 17cm in width and depth. It does not require routine maintenance.


Customized orthopedic braces

Orthopedic braces made with Holey technology are lightweight and not very intrusive, with an average weight of 100 grams and a profile at the highest point of only 5 mm. They are automatically created according to the patient's measurements to guarantee maximum comfort and correct adherence. Thanks to their 2-part design, Holey's custom made braces can be used both to immobilize, using both parts, or as support if only the lower part is used. Moreover, being made of plastic material they are resistant to water and sweat, while offering a high resistance to impacts and abrasions.


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